February 21st, 2012 by parishpriest

The season of Epiphany is often likened to a stone tossed into a pond.  The stone makes a splash, bigger or smaller, and the ripples from that splash move their ways to the further shore. Jesus’ birth is like that stone tossed into a cold and seemingly uncaring world.  Heralded first by the angels, the heavenly host, he is then greeted by the shepherds, peasant of the land.  Then on Twelfth Night come those kings with their gifts of mystic meaning.  These are the first gentiles to acknowledge the child, born to be Savior of all.  They return home by another way, and we have no record of whether that encounter had an effect on their later lives.  So we too who acknowledge the Risen Christ as Lord and Savior seek to find and to understand his call for each of us.  We welcome you to join  in that pilgrimage of faith with us at Trinity, Milton. You will find it a warm and welcoming church home.


Dick Wyland

Parish Priest

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