Weddings at Trinity Episcopal Church, Milton

Holy Matrimony is a sacrament of the Church.  As an Episcopal Church, Trinity Church is bound by certain canonical requirements.  At the same time we recognize that we are a community church for many of our friends and neighbors.  We seek to balance those two dynamics.  Thank you for considering Trinity Church for your wedding.

Pastoral Counseling
The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Connecticut require pre-marital counseling.  This counseling is organized by the priest-in-charge of Trinity Church and must be completed prior to the confirmation of the wedding date.  Most counseling offered through Trinity Church is conducted by Mr. Edward Burns, a member of the Church’s staff.  The cost of pre-marital counseling is $300.  Pre-marital counseling may also be completed with the clergyperson officiating at the ceremony.  If that clergyperson is affiliated with Trinity, a charge of $400 covers both the counseling and the ceremony. If either party has been divorced, the permission of the Bishop is required for the marriage to occur.  Counseling must be completed and the requisite forms sent to the Bishop at least two months prior to the wedding date.

The Service
As the couple has requested to receive the sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the Episcopal Church, the liturgy will be organized according to the Book of Common Prayer.  The couple should familiarize themselves with the expectations and guidelines found in the Prayer Book beginning on page. 423.  The Prayer Book may also be accessed on-line at  The service of Holy Matrimony may stand by itself as a service or take place within the framework of The Holy Eucharist.  Services may be conducted by the priest-in charge or another mutually agreeable clergyperson.

Only sacred or similar music may be offered as part of the sacramental liturgy.  Broadway show tunes and pop music are best suited to the reception.  Trinity Church’s organist is to organize the liturgical music and any arrangements with ancillary musicians.  Because of its age and historical significance, this organ may only be used by Trinity’s organist.  The couple should be in direct contact with the organist as soon as it is feasible in order to discuss the music and fees.

Flowers are appropriate for the wedding and may either be placed in the two stands behind the altar or in a larger spray on the floor in front of the altar.  Nothing may be placed on the altar itself.  After the service flowers may be taken for the reception or may be left for Sunday’s service where the newly married couple  will be remembered in the prayers of the people.

Flash photography is not permitted after the entrance of the bride during the sacramental liturgy.  Video photographers may record the liturgy as long as they remain at a fixed station during the course of the wedding ceremony.  The same holds true for still photographers who do not use their flash.  Often the balcony is a good location for this.  Any of the significant moments of the ceremony may be re-staged at the conclusion of the ceremony, if desired.

The seating capacity of the church is 95 in the nave and 35 in the balcony.  A church officer will act as a liaison and ensure that the following rules are observed.  No pets are allowed in the church, with the exception of service animals.  There is no smoking or use of alcohol on the premises.  Equipment and furniture may only be rearranged with express permission.  The altar may not be moved nor anything placed upon it.  The cross may not be moved or covered.  Chairs must be returned to their original position.  The church is to be locked when no one is present.

Additional Fees and Legal Issues
For communicants of Trinity Church in good standing there is no charge for the use of the building.  For others there is a donation of $500 to be paid to Trinity Episcopal Church.  This covers the use of the building, heat and light, opening and closing for the rehearsal, flower delivery, and the ceremony itself.

Wedding programs, if desired, should be completed by the couple under the direction of the priest.

The marriage license is to be submitted at the conclusion of the wedding rehearsal.  At that time all forms will be completed which relieves some  stress on the day of the wedding.

All weddings will be entered in the parish register.

If the wedding is performed by the priest-in-charge, his fee is $200.